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Toddler Bed or Single Bed?

Toddler Bed or Single Bed?

So you have made the decision to move your baby/toddler from their cot to a bed. Congratulations! But now comes the next decision……toddler bed or single bed? Which one should you use? 

There is no right or wrong answer here. It comes down to personal choice, circumstances and finances. I have listed some of the pros and cons for both options which should help make the decision a little easier for you.

Toddler Bed

  • Smaller in size than a regular bed which can give your child a feeling of security
  • Fits most cot mattresses so you may not need to buy another mattress
  • Lower to the ground
  • Most come with side rails to help prevent falls
  • Makes the transition from the cot to bed slightly easier
  • You will eventually have to buy another bed and mattress
  • View my range of Toddler Bed here.

Single Bed

  • Larger than a toddler bed
  • Higher off the ground so safety rails are recommended
  • Will need to purchase a single sized mattress
  • Saves you money going straight to the single bed
  • View my range of Single Beds here.

Ultimately, you know your child best. What worked for another family doesn’t mean it will work for yours.

Sit down and talk to your child about this next big milestone in their life and come up with the plan together. Get them involved in the process so they feel like they are a part of it, rather than it being “the unknown”.

Get them to help you pack up their cot and pick up their new bedding. Make this next step exciting for them. Maybe buy a new book to read them a bedtime story in their new bed. Before you know it, they will be loving this new independence and “hopefully” everyone will be getting a great night’s sleep.

Good luck in this journey!

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